Our platform

We collect exogenous data such as competitor data, or weather data. As well as endogenous data, such as product characteristics, but also sales, price and inventory history. DSales synchronizes with your ERP to retrieve and update endogenous data.

All this data is imported into our secure database, to be analyzed by our Clairvoyant algorithm. The results of these analyses are made available to DSales, allowing you to visualize the forecasts, the actions to be taken, the alerts in progress, as well as the various points of attention.

You can add new data at any time, refine predictions yourself and export the results from the platform.

Our Clairvoyant algorithm


Clairvoyant detects seasonality, trends and product behaviors at the finest level of detail, which allows for a significant gain in accuracy.


Clairvoyant takes into account the hazards in the forecasts and remains stable over time.


Clairvoyant calculates forecasts in a very short time, which makes it possible to refine analyses in the middle of a meeting.


Clairvoyant adapts to your data, whatever your environment and automatically calculates the most accurate forecast.