DSales allows you to take action more quickly, by alerting you as soon as a problem is detected. It analyzes the forecasts, and directly advises you on the actions to take, by proposing intelligent action scenarios.

DSales has three distinct functions: it alerts you, proposes actions, and directly analyzes your data.


Out of stock



Promotion performance

Profitability by channel

Launch performance



Upcoming event

End of product life

Urgent action

Action pending validation







Hypothesis testing – What if

Ability to do – How to

Reliability of forecasts

Effect of events

Behavior (products, store, prices)

Safety stock




End of life of products


Price change

Launch date 

Launch quantity

DSales offers you an alert action on several modules, which allows you to keep an eye on your business. You are alerted in real time when a problem occurs. Several types of alerts are triggered :

Stock alert : You are alerted upstream as soon as one of your products is at risk of being out of stock or, on the contrary, overstocked. This way, you limit your out-of-stocks and manage your stocks as precisely as possible. DSales also suggests optimized product assortments for your stores and marketplaces, as well as the volume of products to distribute.

Price alert : You receive an alert on your promotion performances and the profitability of each of your distribution channels. This gives you the ability to keep an eye on your earnings.

New product launch alert : When you launch a new product, you are alerted on your sales performance and the associated restocking. This helps you to position yourself and to look for areas of improvement for your future launches. You are also notified as soon as a cannibalization is detected between your products.

Event alert : As soon as an event is to come, an alert is sent to you so that you can prepare yourself as well as possible.

By analyzing your data, DSales proposes intelligent action scenarios to guide you in your decision making :

On your stocks : For each of your products and when you launch new products, DSales indicates the dates of release and restocking to be done. On the other hand, it will guide you as soon as one of your products reaches the end of its life. You thus have an overview of the life cycle of each of your products.

On your prices : Thanks to DSales, you know when to apply promotions on your products and the prices to associate for each one.

On your business : Two modes allow you to visualize the impact of your actions on your margin, sales, stocks, products and stores. The What If mode allows you to test your own hypotheses, leaving you free to configure each parameter. The How To mode gives you directly the actions to take to reach the objectives you have set.