Les algorithmes

Over the course of several years of R&D, FENTECH has developed more than 15 algorithms that rely on Machine Learning.

To contextualize, an intelligent algorithm (or artificial intelligence algorithm) is developed with the aim of bringing human intelligence to a machine.

Machine Learning is the subset of AI that will allow machines to learn and act like humans, and even improve their learning more autonomously over time.

For FENTECH, this means automating time-consuming tasks and decisions and even going beyond what is humanly possible. In terms of the quantity of data collected and processed, but also in terms of the quality of the output. The more precise and relevant to your business data is processed, the more precise and reliable your sales forecast will be.

This is the strength of the AI that FENTECH offers. The in-house development of these algorithms gives you access to unique technical expertise, and gives us the opportunity to get as close as possible to your needs.

Precision : 

  • Seasonality detection
  • Consumer trends analysis
  • Product behavior analysis
  • Data processing down to the SKU mesh

Reliability : 

  • Event detection
  • Permanent stability tests

Versatility : 

  • Adapts to your data
  • Automatically calculates the most accurate forecast

Speed : 

  • Calculates forecasts quickly
  • Gives you time to refine your analyzes

Trust : 

Our algorithms have been and continue to be subjected to reliability tests. These tests are strict and carried out regularly so that current results can be compared to those obtained in the past.
To be considered valid, the results of an algorithm cannot fall below a fixed error rate threshold. It is the continuity and stability of these results that truly establishes the reliability of an intelligent algorithm.

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