In this podcast, proposed by Fentech, Moussab Djerrab (co-founder of Fentech), will introduce the notion of artificial intelligence and will review the key notions to know about this technology. From the theories of Alan Turing, famous English mathematician and cryptologist of the 20th century, to the stakes of this science for our society, you will have the opportunity to explore the major steps that define and make this science promising. Let yourself be drawn into this conversation, enriching and full of discoveries !


Since the Covid crisis, the issue of sales forecasting has never been more central to the problems of retailers. Whether they are manual or not, they allow you to deal with uncertainties and keep a balance between supply and demand. Often feared because of its complexity, they remain nevertheless a considerable asset to perpetuate one’s business. In this podcast proposed by Fentech, Diviyan Kalainathan (Data Scientist at Fentech) answers some of our questions in order to understand the importance of forecasts and the way they are built.

Discover each week a new short podcast on different topics related to artificial intelligence.

In this podcast, we discuss a branch of artificial intelligence called machine learning. Discover the history of this technique, the use of it in our daily life and especially the goal of this practice.

In this podcast, we discuss a technique that comes from machine learning, deep learning. Discover its usefulness, its function and what makes it work.

In this podcast, discover how artificial intelligence is invading our daily life. Without necessarily realizing it, our everyday connected objects have gradually been equipped with intelligence, which helps us in our routine.