Social networks are at the heart of our daily lives. In this podcast you will discover how artificial intelligence is used by the most popular social networks. Always with the aim of improving the user experience.

Discover the second part of the jobs related to artificial intelligence. On the programme, 3 new jobs to discover: the Chief Data Officer, the Big Data developer and the AI project manager.

In this new podcast, discover the different types of learning that exist in the field of artificial intelligence. Supervised, unsupervised and semi-supervised learning will no longer hold any secrets for you!

In this new podcast, find out how artificial intelligence is revolutionising transport and in particular cars, between “autonomous” and “intelligent” cars.

In this new podcast, we discuss the question of ethics in the use of artificial intelligence today. This is an opportunity to question the potential abuses that this science can generate…

In this new podcast, discover how artificial intelligence helps retailers to better manage their business and profitability. Find out how this science can help you as a retailer. 

In this new podcast, discover how artificial intelligence is working for the planet 🌍 Explore how artificial intelligence can help preserve the environment through innovative and revolutionary technologies.

In this podcast you will discover how artificial intelligence is used in the field of health. Thanks to this science, the health sector is undergoing a revolution in diagnostics and patient support throughout the process.

In this podcast, discover the notions of weak and strong AI. What are they? How do they differ? We answer these questions in this podcast. An opportunity to find out more about artificial intelligence and its variants.

In this podcast, discover the concept of reinforcement learning, which can be somewhat similar to animal training… If you want to discover this method and how it is applied, it is here!

In this podcast, discover the jobs related to artificial intelligence. An opportunity for those interested to learn more about these jobs. From data scientist to data analyst to data engineer, explore their work and their world.

In this podcast, we focus on the concept of Big Data. You will have the key notions in hand in order to better understand a change that has been taking place for several years now.

In this podcast, discover how artificial intelligence is becoming part of our daily lives. Without necessarily realising it, our everyday connected objects are gradually being equipped with intelligence, which helps us in our daily routine.

In this podcast, we discuss a machine learning technique called deep learning. Find out how it works and what it is made of.

Each week, discover a new short podcast on the different themes related to artificial intelligence. 

In this podcast, we discuss a branch of artificial intelligence called machine learning. Discover the history of this technique, how it is used in our daily lives and, above all, the purpose of this practice.


Since the crisis, the question of sales forecasts has never been so central to the problems of retailers. Whether they are manual or not, they make it possible to face up to hazards in order to keep a balance between supply and demand. Often feared because of its complexity, they nevertheless remain a considerable asset for the sustainability of a business. In this podcast proposed by Fentech, Diviyan Kalainathan (Data Scientist at Fentech) answers some of our questions in order to understand the importance of forecasts and the way they are built.



In this podcast, proposed by Fentech, Moussab Djerrab (co-founder of Fentech), will introduce the notion of artificial intelligence and review the key notions to know about this technology. From the theories of Alan Turing, the famous English mathematician and cryptologist of the 20th century, to the stakes of this science for our society, you will have the opportunity to explore the major steps that define and make this science promising. Let yourself be drawn into this enriching conversation, full of discoveries!