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Make your sales forecasts and your S&OP more reliable with FENTECH.

Our AI solution, Clairvoyant, supports you in your strategic and operational decisions in Supply Chain Management, Pricing, and Product Assortments.

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They trust us

Anne-Sophie Carrese - Partner Elaia - photo
Anne-Sophie Carrese Partner at Elaia

“FENTECH's AI sales forecasting automation is at the forefront of business forecasting software.
Their unique approach to solving siloed data acquisition systems and fluctuating data sources is exactly the type of disruptive thinking we value at Elaia."

Guillaume Mechain Carrefour Group Supply Director

“FENTECH is part of our long-term approach to collaboration between our own-brand suppliers and our Carrefour teams in Europe.
This agile solution is based on a single source of multifunctional data, centralized at European level to share medium/long term demand."

Merouane Debbah Professor at Khalifa University
and Director of the KU 6G Research center

“FENTECH's strides in the realms of time series and causality represent a significant leap forward.
The convergence of various fields of artificial intelligence holds the promise of reshaping entirely the decision making process , and FENTECH stands as a vanguard in this transformative movement.”

The entire S&OP process

Demand planning is the back bone of all planification processes. Clairvoyant predicts your demand by integrating your constraints and considering external factors.

Avoid both stressful stock-outs and overstocking issues. Clairvoyant accurately plans your supplies and optimizes their allocation, whether in store, marketplace or warehouse, taking into account yours and your suppliers specific constraints.

The consequences of poorly set prices or promotions are not limited to your margins, they also affect the satisfaction of your customers.

Clairvoyant guarantees an optimal price, beneficial both for your customers and your profitability.

The selection products available to customers contribute significantly to their satisfaction and loyalty. To prepare each season, Clairvoyant helps you build your budgets, before guiding you in the creation, optimization and upkeep of the ideal product assortment.

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Why should you use Clairvoyant ?

Too many variables

Accurately predicting sales and effectively managing S&OP involves considering many parameters, internal and external to the company. Our AI software, Clairvoyant, simplifies and automates this task, eliminating potential errors.

Trop chronophage

Manual analysis and coordination of all these elements takes a lot of time, depriving your employees of the opportunity to devote themselves to higher value-added tasks. The automation of these tasks makes it possible.

Trop complexe

Managing demand forecasts and the supply chain can become a real challenge, requiring considerable resources in terms of development and logistics.


Why elaborate an S&OP process ?

S&OP (or Sales & Operations Planning) is a process of integrated planification that allows you to manage skillfully your demand and offer of products. By having the right products at the right time, you are reducing your shortages or over-stock and improving your sales and your finances. If this topic interests you, we dedicated an article to it.

As a small business, is this solution adapted for me ?

To a small or big scale, it is all about working together to put in place the aspects of the solution that will be most valuable to you according to your needs and constraints. To know if the solution can be adapted to yours, the best thing is to discuss it together ! You can set up a meeting via Calendly at the bottom of this page : contact us.

Why should I make a Pricing Strategy ?

The objective of a good pricing strategy for a business is to adapt it’s prices according to it’s market and own objectives. At the center of this strategy, we notably find research about competitors. This envolves time consuming tasks that can today be automated and optimized by AI.

How to make good sales forecasts ?

In the majority of cases, sales forecasts are still made by hand on an Excel sheet with all the historical sales data of the company. It is in that context that Artificial Intelligence comes to play, to solidify your forecasts. Thanks to algorithms that analyze internal data but also external data, our application will be able to prevent futur problematics. To learn more, we have an entire article on the subject.

I only want to use part of the solution, is it possible ?

Although the solution works best in harmony between all the modules to guarantee the best results, it is in fact possible and sometimes pertinent to only use one or two modules.

Why use AI in my business ?

The use of AI allows, among other things : to automate tasks that are time consuming, to treat and analyze an amount of data impossible to treat for a human being, and to optimize the results to the best possible outcome. To learn more, here is an article on the obsolescence of classic ERPs.

How do I make sure that FENTECH will bring me good results ?

The best way to believe it, is to see it ! Let’s meet for a demonstration and we can test the solution with your own data (real or fictional), to show you the results you can expect. You can contact us or plan a meeting directly on our contact page.

What is the impact of AI on management ?

AI is not meant to replace managers but really to guide them and make time for them, by automating tasks like collecting and analyzing data. It is also about improving decision making, by reducing the “intuitive management” and go towards a “data driven management”. To learn more about how AI improves decision making, you can find our article on the subject.

How to elaborate a product launch strategy ?

You can make a SWOT, a market study, define personas, define branding, validate product ideas, define prices, define budgets, organize the marketing strategy… The list is long when it comes to product launches, rightfully so because it is quite a risky bet. Or, you can decide to automate these tasks and make your decisions more reliable with FENTECH.

You can also learn more about frequent mistakes made during product launches in this article.

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